Sophie’s Update – October 2009

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Sophie’s Update – October 2009
Nov 03
Sophie’s Update – October 2009

We continue to be mesmerized by the changes and growth in Sophie. She is crawling! We were told to delay her walking by her PT so that she would be forced to move through all the developmental stages. We however since changed that protocol and now going to P/U her AFO’s which are leg braces that are molded to her foot and will help her develop proper form when walking. They should in turn help her to walk sooner by months than she would typically have on her own. She is making a bunch of new syllables and has said “Ma” and “Da”.

I know to some with only a typically developing child you think how sad a 16 mos old child and this is where she is at? And yet I think you should all get to experience what our family has. It heightens your joy and appreciation for everything. Every little development is incredible and all the little nuances of life have been enhanced. My relationship with God, my husband, my children, others is all spiritually enhanced. You could not pay for the kind of inner peace I have developed an incredible constant joy in my inner person and yet sometimes others still feel sorry for me. Why?? Those are the ones that I know truly do not get it. You have but to look at me and you see a person who has gone through an incredible emotional challenge and has come out on the other side transformed. It is a difficult thing to even explain to someone who has never had a deep trial in their life in which they have had to reach out beyond their own strength and lay their head in the Lord’s lap and ask him to take over. I am an incredibly strong woman in ways but I had to and it was the beginning of a better life for me. So never feel sorry as I do for those that do not have this kind of inner knowledge.

​So at this I am going to conclude this update with Thank you Lord! I did not always understand why? But I do so now!

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