Project: Proud Families, Inc.

Welcome, this site is for you whether you have a child with special needs, or want to learn more about how to help families of children with special needs. We are a Christian non-profit designed to offer services to families who have a child or children with a special need(s).

Project Proud families, Inc.’s mission is to provide advocacy, support, and education, to families that have a child with “different abilities”. As well as, to educate the communities in which our families live.

We offer this by:

  • Providing IEP workshops biannually to parents, child care providers, and EC personnel.
  • Partnering with our local school system to create a support meeting monthly that will enable parents to have the tools they need for success in their child’s education.
  • Forming a coalition of providing agencies in partnership with the Chatham Orange Resource Connection to create more effectual services for our families called “The Continuum of Care”.
  • Providing referral services and support to families that need information or help in a particular area with their child.
  • Host and participate in community events to raise awareness
  • Free Medical Advocacy in the form of “ask the pharmacist”, and “ask the nurse”.
  • Educational workshops/Button Challenge- An educational forum and then challenge that takes place at the end. Would you wear a button that says, “I have a special need, SO WHAT” for a whole week? If no, or you would feel uncomfortable, then why??

Project Proud Families, Inc.

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