Miracles Do Happen

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Miracles Do Happen
May 27
Miracles Do Happen

In the beginning my prayers were difficult to formulate because I was always a “let his will be done” type gal as he knows best, right? Difficult because I wanted different results than I was seeing. Then I began to hear more about “praying without ceasing” and praying for your heart’s desire. That made the difference in my requests for my daughter from God. I began to pray and still do for complete healing and her happiness with the knowledge that I will accept his will.

​Since that change in my prayers, and faith, miraculous things have been happening. Oh, things like at our recent visit to the Opthamologist we were told “Happy endings, I project normal vision for her”. My husband and I looked at each other in shock! We went from thinking we would be getting a white embossed cane for her birthday to thinking that she would have near normal or normal visual acuity. It took me seeing it on the eye report a few weeks later to truly absorb the awesomeness of God manifested in our daughter. I then got the updated Neuro report where he used words like “remarkably benign” to describe her EEG’s. We had also received a second opinion from another Neuro at a leading hospital and our daughter was always seen as unusual as only 25% do not have the typical chaotic pattern on their EEG’s but have other irregularities and she has nothing. What category does that put her in? God’s category of “miracles”.

​I am watching her develop now with the seizures under control in leaps and bounds. Seizures controlled. Read that again. Do you know how hard it is to get a medicine that controls them? Let alone a medication that is not even known to be the strongest in treating these spasms. We also did not even have to go full strength before they stopped. Awesome. There were times when I wondered inside if she would crawl or walk and now I am wondering “what” and “if” she would need for support services in school. We have a way to go to get her caught up as she now in a position to develop since her spasms as controlled. However, she astounds her therapists all the time (as only now can they reveal). I do not project where she will end up but just rejoice in her gains and potential. As I write this joyful tears are emerging from my eyes. I want you to gather hope from this for yourselves and to see that nothing is too big for him to change if it is his will. Never stop trying and believing.

​God bless everyone of you!

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